Students must live in the Oakdale School District, have legal documentation concerning guardianship, or have obtained a legal transfer which has been approved by the Oakdale Board of Education. All residences are subject to verification by the Superintendent, the Principal or their designee.
  • If you are registering a student for the next school year (starting in the fall), please wait until late March before starting the enrollment process.
  • Creating student information is the first step in enrollment. Step 1 only needs to be completed for students new to Oakdale. Students who have attended previously should use the Find Existing Student functionality available from the Home page to locate their student and complete the other steps required each year.
  • Students new to Oakdale begin by selecting the Create New Student link and entering the required details. The information needed for this step includes current address, birth date, contact information (primary, secondary, and emergency) and various demographic information about the student and their parent/guardian. Please be prepared with these details prior to starting the first step. The person identified as primary contact should receive a confirmation email once Step 1 is complete.
  • To upload documents, use the Find Existing Student function to locate the student and click the Upload Documents link on that page.
  • All new students must provide a current shot record, a valid birth certificate, and 2 separate proofs of residence in the Oakdale district. All documentation must be provided prior to attending school.
  • Returning students must refresh their 2 proofs of residence prior to the start of the school year and provide any updated shot records. A Tdap Booster prior to 7th grade is required before any student may attend school.
  • Valid Proofs of Residence include:
    • Proof of payment of ad valorem taxes at an address located within the school district.
    • Title to residential property in the district, or a valid unimpaired lease agreement, or receipts for payment for rent on a district residence in which the applicant for enrollment actually resides.
    • A utility bill at an address located within the school district in which the applicant actually resides. The bill must show a physical address that is located within the school district; no post office boxes will be accepted as proof of residence. Bills from July and August prior to the start of the school year are acceptable.
    • If a family is living with a host family in the Oakdale School District, the host family must call to make an appointment to complete, sign, and notarize a residency affidavit attesting to another family's residence. All parties must attend. Residency will be verified at the beginning of each semester.
    • If a family is living in a hotel/motel or RV park, they must provide a receipt of payment from the current or previous month. In addition, they must bring a signed letter from the manager confirming the family's stay. Residency will be confirmed each semester.
  • Documents must be uploaded in PDF, PNG, JPEG, or TIFF format.
  • For all new and existing students, if you do not have the ability to upload the required documents, you must bring copies to school at least one week prior to the start of school.
  • A notification will be sent by the Oakdale School administration when proofs of residence may be uploaded.

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